Confidentiality of your personal data



1. General Information



The collection, processing and use of your data always comply with Luxembourgish and European data protection law.


Assufisc collects, stores and uses your personal data for the execution and management of the tax reporting assistance service in order to complete, calculate or estimate the tax due, for the settlement of the related financial charge or for contact in the context of the contractual relationship.


Your data is stored on our secure servers and is not communicated to third parties unless you explicitly agree or in the limited cases listed in below mentioned point 3.



2. Collection, processing and use of personal data


1 | Visit our website without providing personal data


You can visit our website and inform yourself without having to provide any personal information.

During your visit to our website, you will remain anonymous and the login data transmitted by your internet browser with each page request, such as the date, time or name of your Internet service provider will be used without personal reference.


2 | Processing of personal data within the framework of the response form of the website assufisc


Unless you explicitly agree, the data in the response form will not be used for any purpose other than to complete your local tax return or any other document required by the corresponding tax authority.


3 | Consent to the processing of personal data in order to complete your tax return


If you use our service to complete your tax return and/or any other document required by the local tax authority, you implicitly authorize us to process your data for the proposed tax service.
In accordance with the regulations on the protection of your personal data, you have the following rights ( ):


• Right of access to your data ;

• Right to rectification of your data ;

• Right to object to the processing of your data without any justification ;

• Right to the erasure of your data at your request ;

• Right to portability of your data with your explicit consent.


Your data will be transmitted to third parties only when legally prescribed or authorised, as in particular for surveys with the authorities or if you have expressly consented to it, for example for the transmission of your tax return and/or any other document required by the local tax authority.


3. Encryption / Security Measures


All data entered and stored on our servers are subject to the most stringent security rules.

We will ensure maximum security against unauthorized access and any loss, destruction or manipulation of your data.


4. Use of cookies


Cookies are used to track your preferences in order to optimize the content of our website to your needs and thus improve your experience and the fluidity of our website.

By visiting our website, you may or may not allow us to use the cookies generated.

No personal data is saved by accepting the use of cookies.

Failure to accept cookies may lead to limitations in the use of our website.

You can also disable the option to store cookies at any time in your browser’s system settings.

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